The rose quinn podcast


I started this podcast near the end of 2017 as a way to chat with my writer friends. The online community that I found was amazing and I wanted to share it with others. Somehow, I got the courage to reach out to published authors who I loved and asked them if they’d be interested in letting me interview them. Which is where we are now! I get the wonderful privilege of connecting with amazing authors and literary agents. Listen below to hear the in’s and out’s of the publishing world!


Episode 29

Literary Agent Savannah Brooks

Meet Lit Agent Savannah Brooks of the Jennifer De Chiara Lit Agency. Tune in and her about her love of all things books, her journey to becoming an agent and her top query no-no's. You're gonna love her after listening!

Episode 28

Author Rebecca Schaeffer

Tune in to hear all about Rebecca Schaeffer's books, her journey through the publishing world and what her favorite book is right now. She is the mastermind behind the amazingly creepy and bloody novels Not Even Bones and Only Ashes Remain - both out now.

Episode 27

Literary Agent Amy Stapp

Amy Stapp of Wolfson Literary is a true gemstone and you are going to want to add her to your query list after getting to know her. Listen in to hear her query no-no's, what will make her stop reading a query or first pages and what is on her #MSWL right now.

Episode 26

Author Nicola Rayner

Listen in and get to know author Nicola Rayner. Her debut novel The Girl Before You is out on paperback now and it is one you don't want to miss! Her journey to getting an agent and a book deal is wonderful and you're gonna learn tons and tons.

Episode 25

Literary Agent Maureen Moretti

Maureen is a Literary Agent with P.S. Literary Agency. Listen to hear her top query no-no's, tips for authors who are querying and her favorite books right now.

Episode 24

Author Gretchen McNeil

Listen in for another amazing author interview with the YA Queen of Horror, Gretchen McNeil. Her latest book #murderfunding is out now and you need it in your life!

Episode 23

Literary Agent Carly Watters

It's time for another episode featuring an incredible literary agent. Listen in to get to know Carly Watters of P.S. Literary Agency and hear her wisdom! My favorite books of the episode are THE MIDWIFE'S REVOLT and ONE OF US IS LYING.

Episode 22

Author Rose Quinn

I've been doing this podcast for almost 2 years and lots of things have changed. So, let's check in and I'll share with you my favorite books: TO CATCH A KILLER by Sheryl Scarborough and HEARTWOOD BOX by Ann Aguirre and fill you in on what's going on with me.

Episode 21

Literary Agent Devin Ross

This is the first literary agent interview on TRQP. Exciting, right? A couple of months ago, I made the jump and started to reach out to agents about talking with me for the podcast. I’ve had wonderful responses so Devin is the first of many agents that you will get to hear from on the podcast. Devin is an agent with New Leaf Literary and gives us a look at her journey to working with authors, her query no-nos and what’s on her mswl.

Episode 20

Author Sidnie Bishop

Meet Sidnie Bishop, one of my aspiring author friends. She is currently working on a fantasy project that is going to blow your mind. Get to know her and hear about my favorite books. LOCK EVERY DOOR by Riley Sager and THE WEIGHT OF LIES by Emily Carpenter.

Episode 19

Author Chris Babu

Chris Babu is the author of The Initiation series which is about a bleak dystopian future and a group of teenagers who will do whatever it takes to take care of themselves and their families. Chris is a Wall Street man turned author and took a unique journey to get his book deal. You don't want to miss this one!

Episode 18

Author Emily R. King

Remember Emily? The author behind THE HUNDREDTH QUEEN series! She is back to tell us more about her author journey and her newest book - BEFORE THE BROKEN STAR. It is the first in the Evermore series and it is out June 1, 2019!

Episode 17

Author Gillian French

Gillian French is the award-winning author behind THE MISSING SEASON which just hit the shelves. Listen in on our conversation about her journey to being published and her writing process!