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A Stepmom Confession

Life in our house has been a little crazier lately. This summer we have had the kids 5 days a week because our daughter went to school where bio-mom lives.

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What Can You Control as a Stepmom?

I think most of us would say that we prefer to have control over what happens in our lives and our kids' lives. I think the thing that is hardest for me is the lack of control that step-parents and parents in any divorced household have.

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When Transition Day Becomes Transition Weekend

I never thought I’d be a stepmom. I never dreamed of loving another woman’s children like my own and figuring out how to parent children that live in two houses.

Two different houses with different rules.

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All You Need To Know About My Self Care Routine

I’m all about self-care. I’ve been about self-care for a long time now. Self-care means a lot of different things to me but the effect of it is always the same. I’m a little less grumpy, a little less tense and a lot nicer to be around.

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