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The Pre-Transition Transition

I started to see some changes in my bonus daughter the day that she’d be switching houses. So it was basically a pre-transition transition day. Which meant that I’d get to deal with two transition days.

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When Transition Day Becomes Transition Weekend

I never thought I’d be a stepmom. I never dreamed of loving another woman’s children like my own and figuring out how to parent children that live in two houses.

Two different houses with different rules.

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Meg Hanchey - Instant Mom at 21

Are you ready to get to know, Meg?

I found her through Instagram and was so surprised and pumped when I saw that she became a stepmom to her three littles at the age of 21. She is now about 4 years into the game and I thought she’d be a perfect person to learn from and share her experiences.

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Being a Bonus Mom

I consider myself lucky to have a step mom. She came into my life when I was eleven or twelve and I didnt feel grateful for her at first. But I grew to see that she loved me like I was her own, worked hard to help me achieve what I needed to and was always there for me. She wasn't ever trying to replace my mom but she was an extra mom. A bonus mom.   

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