Meet Literary Agent - Devin Ross

This is the first literary agent interview on The Rose Quinn Podcast. Exciting, right?

A couple of months ago, I made the jump and started to reach out to agents about talking with me for the podcast. I’ve had wonderful responses so Devin is the first of many agents that you will get to hear from on the podcast.


Devin is an agent with New Leaf Literary and gives us a look at her journey to working with authors, her query no-nos and what’s on her mswl.

Listen below and make sure to take note of her query tips.

Connect with her on Twitter @devyross

What are Devin’s top query no-nos?

  • When authors are overly familiar with her - keep it professional!

  • When authors spell her name wrong. Come on, really?

What things in a query or first pages will make Devin stop reading?

  • When she is confused! Lay the foundation for your world before throwing us into the madness.

What is Devin’s fav thing to see in a query?

  • Awesome comp titles!

Devin’s tips/golden rules for authors who are querying?

  • Put some personality behind your query while remaining professional

What is on her MSWL right now?


  • Contemporary romance

  • Women’s fiction

  • Lighter reading


  • Horror + Thrillers!