My First First Day of School as a Parent

School has officially begun and both of our kids are off in big kid land. It was my first time doing first day of school as a parent and it was awesome.

Our daughter started school first and she was so big and brave. She rocked the first two days and I am so proud of her.


Our son started Kindergarten today and it went differently. He could hardly sleep the night before because he was SO excited. He walked into school with the biggest smile on his face.

But something was different about his first day of school. Bio-mom was there. I’m over the anxious feelings of having her there for my sake but it was hard to watch the kids change once she got there. Our girl just wanted her attention and her mom wasn't giving it to her. She was, to be blunt, ignoring her and pretty much just paying attention to our son.

I could see the sadness and hurt on her face as bio-mom pulled the boy away from his dad and me to take him to his class. Our daughter was so brave the days before and even let me leave her to walk to her class by herself but not today. She was sad and self conscious and we walked her all the way to her class. Obviously, I can’t read her mind but I can only imagine the thoughts going through her head.

Her mom didn’t even say goodbye to her. She couldn’t set aside her anger at us over something so silly in order to make sure her daughter felt seen and loved.

So all in all, the kids are in school and excited. The boy was so happy to be in his class when we went to see him and there weren’t any tears.


They will be with us for the school days this year and I’m so excited to watch them grow and learn. I’m so excited to love on them and make them feel safe. I can’t control what bio-mom does or how she acts. I can only be there to love on my kiddos and make sure they know that their dad and I will always be there for them.