Lit Chit Chat: Emotional Writers Block


There’s been a lot going on in our world lately. Lots of drama and stress. I find that I have a really hard time getting a decent amount of words out when I’m feeling stressed. I know I’m not alone in this. There are lots of other writers who post about this and are very open with it. Which I love. It makes me feel less alone.

We’ve had a lot of parenting drama going on in our lives and my anxiety makes me very susceptible to these stressful emotions. Also, I’m exhausted and completely ready for school to start.

So what can you do during these times of emotional writers block? I don’t force myself to write more than I can get out. Writing has always been very therapeutic for me so I try. I sit down and read where I’m at and try to get something out, even if it’s only 100 words. I read and I watch my favorite shows. I try to brainstorm my story and figure out where to go next.

I think it’s important to not feel guilty about not writing. It’s important to let your mind heal and relax. To remember that your mental health is crucial to everything. Your happiness and your writing.

This is what we do, we write, we create worlds and stories. But we cannot do that well if we aren’t taking care of yourself.

So I’m taking care of myself and working on other things. I think part of it for me is the change in my job recently. Instead of working, I’m at home with my kids. Which I love but part of me misses that responsibility. Having things to do besides going to the park and taking my kids to the pool. I know this about myself and so I’m trying to brainstorm other things I can do.

Taking this podcast more full time and making episodes more frequently for you guys. All while trying to get de-stressed and take care of my head and body. I am growing a human, you know. But just know that you aren’t alone, you are okay if it’s hard to write. Nothing is wrong with you. And hey, if you wanna chat about it. I’m your girl. Let’s chat.