The Significance of "Step"

We’ve had some changes in our schedule with the kids. They are now with my husband and I Monday through Friday. Now, my husband is the main breadwinner of the family which means that I’ve gone from working full time to momming full time. And I love it.

I started it this summer and the kids and I had such a good time. Now, our routine includes packing lunches, drop offs, pick ups and homework. Along with lots of other things too. But I am the one parent out of our team of four that spends the most time with them.

A lady at church asked me the other day if that was too much for me. Would they ask that of bio-mom, or bio-dad? Probably not. But I have a step in front of my title so that somehow makes it less. At least it does in some people’s eyes.


I don’t focus on the step and never have. Read my post on why we should take the step out of it.

Lots of people do focus on that. Including my kids bio-mom. She doesn’t want me included in any school or therapy communication, because I’m just a stepparent.

It’s a frustrating gig, my friends. And my fellow bonus moms know that.

So even though my role and what I do for the kids is being made out to be less than it is, I’m gonna brush it off. I know that I’m more than just a stepmom and that what I do for the kids isn’t diminished just because I’m not biologically related to them.