How NOT to Review a Book

I read a lot of books, right? I think you could probably have guessed that by the books that have overtaken my IG feed. I can and do on a frequent basis, read entire books in a single day. But I can't possibly like all of them right?

It's true. I don't like all the books I read and I don't post about all the books I read. 

This is something that I've seen pop up on Twitter recently.

What should book reviewers do when they don't like a book?

Should you post about it?

Should you tag the author?

Should you go on and on and on about how much you disliked every aspect of the book?


Here's my opinion as a writer who loves books.

Should you post about it? I think that's up to you. I don't post about the books I couldn't finish or that really didn't connect with me on my Instagram. I do however still post about them on my website. The books that I receive as ARCs, I also review whether positive or negative. I choose not to post these reviews on my IG because I want my feed to be more of a book recommendation list. 

Should you tag the author? If you are writing about how awful the book was and how much you hated it? NO. Please do not tag the author. This can be hard for some readers to understand but writing a book is hard. It is a labor of love and it takes a lot of time, sweat, tears and grinded up pieces of your heart. I understand that because I've written a book. Try to understand that authors get a lot of feedback about their books from their CP's, betas, agents, editors and professional reviews. They don't need to see your opinion. Sorry, not sorry.

Should you go on and on and on about how much you disliked every aspect of the book? I'm gonna go with no. I always try to be very tactful in my not-so-positive reviews. I don't write a novel about how I didn't like the novel. I keep it short and hit on the important spots.

Reviewing books is helpful for other readers, right?

It can help people, who are on the fence about reading a book, make a decision. Your review does not need to dress down the author. It is also good to keep in mind that not every person (including me and you) is the right reader for every book. That's why there are so many different kinds of books.

My last words on this: be kind when reviewing, even if you don't want to give the book 5 stars.