Why You Need to Be Smart on Social Media

Social media is great, right?

I mean, it has great parts. It has good intentions but we can get lost in the comparison, the opinions and the perfectly posed pictures. Social media has brought me in contact with tons of amazing people. It has given me writer friends that I wouldn’t trade for the world.


But what happens when social media backfires? What happens when you post something that frustrates you and in turn calls someone out? What happens when people misconstrue what you’ve written and shared? What happens when there are real life consequences to the 240 characters or square shaped images we post?

People put a lot of stock in social media now. They watch what people say and the world is hyper-sensitive. We all knew that right? So, this post is to help remind you that you should be careful!

I use my platform on social media to connect with authors and to post book reviews. I also give updates on my instant motherhood journey which has brought me to a lot of other women in my situation.

But I curate what I post.

Screen Shot 2019-06-04 at 6.03.28 AM.png

I think hard about the words I’m sharing because I want to make sure that I’m posting about what matters. Not about my frustrating experience with a certain company or person.

Be careful with what you post because it is forever. Even if you delete it, someone might have screenshotted what you wrote. Freaky, right? Remember that you have people following you for a reason. Are you an author and your readers follow you? A book reviewer and people can’t wait to see what you’ve read next? An instant mom sharing your rocky journey? What would happen if you posted something out of context, out of your norm that was very critical of another person, author, mom, etc?

It is a harsh reality but your followers follow you for a reason - to see the kind of content they expect from you. Keep that in mind before you post an angry review of a book or an irritated tweet about a company.

Some of you may be thinking, what do I care? Why should I mold what I say/do around what people might think?

Well, you don’t have to. You really don’t. But I recently saw an instance where ONE tweet from an author may cost her years of work and her book deal. WOAH, right? If your platform is for a certain purpose, if you treat it like a business - which I do. Think about what you post.

If its your personal IG, go crazy!

But unfortunately, when you operate like I do where I want this to be my livelihood someday - there needs to be some more thought put into it.