First Chapter 

Not quite done with your novel? Just starting out with a new idea. Send me your first chapter and I'll give you feedback on how intrigued I am to continue reading and what impressions I have of your story including pacing, point of view and character development. Feel free to let me know if you have something specific you want me to comment on. Cost: $25

Take Your Time, Rose

You want someone to beta-read your whole novel or maybe just the first half? I’m your girl. This would include my remarks as I’m reading the story, real time reactions and a 2-3 page summary of my thoughts and recommendations. Please make sure to include a list of questions you want answered as well. I will get this feedback to you in about a month. Cost: $50

Please Read This As Fast As You Can!

The same as the option above but you want this back in less than two weeks! Let me get my blanket, Diet Coke and let’s do this. Cost: $75